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Mirena is a type of birth control for women known as an intrauterine device. The intrauterine device delivers small amounts of hormone regularly throughout the month to prevent pregnancy. The Mirena is highly effective at 99%, and will last for up to five years. The main hormone is levonorgestrel, a type of progestin that is safe and is released slowly into the body. . Mirena does not contain any estrogen.

During an office visit with your health care provider, the Mirena is inserted in to the uterus. Some women have pain and cramping after placement, while some women suffer minimal discomfort. Your health care provider will monitor you after placement to watch for any heavy bleeding. It is possible for the device to puncture the side of the uterus during placement, but this is rare. It is also possible for the Mirena to come out of the uterus. It's recommended that if this happens that another form of birth control be used and to call your health care provider.

The obvious benefit of choosing Mirena is that using Mirena does not have to be dealt with everyday, such as when you have to remember to take a pill. One of the other benefits of using Merina as a birth control method is the reduction or complete end of menstrual cycles. Most women using Mirena will cease to have periods at all, and many only have slight spotting monthly.

The intrauterine device is made of a flexible plastic, with threads attached for Mirena is meant for women who have had at least one child. It's suitable for women who would like to have more children because it is easily removed by a health care provider and your system will quickly be ready for pregnancy again. Women who choose to try for another child after using Mirena have an 80% success rate within the first twelve months after removal.

Women who should not use Mirena include those who are pregnant, and those who have had pelvic inflammatory disease. Those with Leukemia, AIDS or have a weak immune system should also not use Mirena.

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